Guest Post: Staying Cozy While Looking Cool: Winter Style Tips From Trendsetters at the U

A guest post

We asked the popular student-run group on campus to write a guest post about staying fashionable during the cold winter months.  Thanks to the fabulous fashionistas Krystyn, Mallory, and Michelle for the great advice! 


Meet Krystyn:

Montana winters can be unpredictable when it comes to how cold it gets, usually ranging from bearable to unbearable. When the temperatures drop it becomes difficult to leave the warmth of our comfy beds to rush to an early morning class. Who can blame us! As hustling college students it’s hard to keep track of where we’re going to be in the next two hours and what we’re going to eat, let alone what we’re going to throw on for the day!

To handle mother’s nature’s curveballs, I suggest indulging in the ever so popular layering technique. Layering allows you to let your personal style shine through by creating unique combinations. Personally I like starting with something light weight, such as a basic tank top and progress to heavy jackets.  For an extra cozy factor I would throw on staple winter accessories such as hats and scarfs.

My closet is mostly made up of an array of dresses that I like to transition into all seasons of the year. To stay warm I layer thermal tights or knee-highs underneath depending on how daring I would like to be.  For this outfit I choose to stick to a sleek black for a laidback vibe, pairing a skater dress with knee-highs and combat boots. For subtle pops of color I added a beanie and extra-large reversible scarf from H&M. To finish the look I threw on my worn snowboarding jacket made by DC.


Meet Mallory:

Think twice about breaking out your warmer spring and summer clothes. Winter isn’t over yet! Keep those boots and scarves handy for just a little bit longer.

I have kept my long sleeve shirts and blanket scarves at the front of my closet all winter. They are definitely my go-to pieces all winter long. I bought my flowy blackish-gray shirt from Urban Outfitters. This shirt can be layered with just about anything: fashion scarves, warm and cozy scarves, necklaces or even a vest. Be trendy with a colorful blanket scarf! Pick one up at Apricot Lane before they are gone for the summer!

You can never go wrong with a black pair of leggings! These are from Victoria’s Secret. Leggings definitely work best with my boots because I don’t have to roll them a specific way like jeans just to get them to fit into the boots. This cozy outfit is easy to wear around the house, to class or even out to do errands.Spice up your legs just a little by adding a simple pair of boot socks! I wasn’t looking for boot socks when I happened to come across these adorable ones at Old Navy one day. I couldn’t pass them up, so of course I bought them.

Nothing says puddle jumping and walking through newly fallen snow quite like a great pair of tall boots. These leather boots have gotten me through all types of weather this winter. Don’t be afraid to invest in a valuable pair of leather boots, they are so worth it! Dillard’s and Herberger’s here in Missoula, always have a fabulous selection of tall boots, in every classic color too!

 Take in the rest of winter while it is here. Spring is on its way and it’s coming fast!

Meet Michelle:

 Winter in Montana is extremely long. Temperatures drop, days are shorter and even stepping outside can be rough. Dealing with the elements can easily put you in a style slump, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get me through winter in style.

Turtlenecks have been my jam lately. They’re super cute, extremely on-trend and the neck is like a built-in scarf, which is ideal for dashing across campus in the elements. This cream turtleneck sweater is from Bohme and it’s one of my favorite pieces at the moment because it’s incredibly cozy but at the same time, effortlessly stylish.

Underneath my turtlenecks, or just tops in general, it is essential for me to wear a wool undershirt throughout this time of year. Whether it’s a long-sleeve or a cami, wool undershirts are one of my must-haves for surviving winter. They aren’t bulky so they don’t take away from your look, but will add a layer of coziness to any outfit that will help get you through your day comfortably.

To finish off this look, I’m wearing a pair of distressed Flying Monkey jeans from Bohme, a sparkly pendant necklace from Bohme and a pair of taupe heeled booties from Forever21. Underneath my booties you can be sure I’m sporting a pair of wool socks, which are another winter essential for me. My feet get freezing cold very easily and honestly, thin ankle socks just never do the trick.

Thanks Trendsetters at the U! 

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