Valentine’s Day: BRNTLY Strategies

Welcome back to campus students! We hope that the first few weeks of classes have treated you well. Now I’ll cut to the chase: Valentine’s Day. For some it’s “Singles Awareness Day,” while for others it’s a fun day to appreciate your loved ones. Single or taken, we have a few tips for you!


by Emily Etchart

Yo, yo, yo my name is Emily and I am in a new relationship. I’m typically the one jamming to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce every Valentine’s Day, but this time I happen to be in a relationship. I’m not sure if I feel entirely fit to write a couples strategy post.  However, I must confess that I am one of the cheesiest people you will ever meet, so I’ll try to come up with some original suggestions.


Ditch the cliches

Random Facts claims that the shelf life of a box ofValentine conversation hearts is about five years.  (Yikes.) That being said, ditch the cliché candy and flowers and get your significant other their favorite candy, or a dessert at a restaurant they may not go to very often.


If you’re low on cash

Valentine’s Day can cost a pretty penny. One way to alleviate the extra cost as a college student is to create a date in a box. These suggestions are attributed to my trusty roommate Alex, who made a date in the box for her boyfriend recently.

  1. Buy a popcorn bucket (Bed Bath and Beyond)
  2. Buy a cozy blanket
  3. Fill the popcorn bucket with popcorn, candy and your significant other’s favorite movie.


It’s just another day

Above all, it’s just another day, I tried to stray from being cheesy but I can’t resist. Try to make other days fun, too. (There’s my piece of cheesy advice!)



by Chris Jambor

Hello Everyone.  My name is Chris and I am single.  (Helloooooo, Chris)  Being a veteran restaurant worker and a person who is neurotic about how bathroom towels get folded, I’ve become a bit of an expert at spending Valentine’s Day at the singles table. I’m comfortable with it and we can move on. As yet another Valentine’s Day approaches, I figured I would throw out a few pieces of advice for those who also find themselves facing this situation. I won’t give away all of my secrets, but if you are looking for a fun way to spend a weekend, any of these will help.

I also think it’s good to remember that Valentine’s Day is a crazy-making holiday and it’s OK to let that crazy run its course. For instance, according to, more than 9 million people will send Valentine’s gifts to their pets over the holiday. Another interesting fact, penicillin was unveiled to the world on February 14, 1929.

But, I digress…on to the advice!

Single Friends Movie Date


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Hit up The Roxy Theater with all your single friends this weekend because there won’t be a romantic comedy in sight! Instead, feast your eyes on Office Space (WARNING: a love connection does develop in this film…but so do pieces of flair), a FREE screening of The Big Lebowski or Boyz n the Hood. This is also a fantastic time to catch up on all of the Oscar nominated films you had no idea you wanted to see. The Roxy is, after all, the de facto source for all things cinema.

Single and Still Kicking!!!


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No one says you have to go down without a fight! How about hitting up a kickboxing class to show singledom who’s boss?  Title Boxing Club offers a first class for free, and the Fitness and Recreation Center on campus has a wide variety of classes that will get your mind off of any kind of loneliness and on to kicking butt.

Single and Not Having It


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It’s entirely possible that some of you may be planning to use the holiday to turn up the heat on your search for that “special someone” (gross). As a hopelessly single person myself, while I don’t understand you people, I fully support your drive to destroy I mean, enrich your life by getting into a relationship. So my advice to you is to GET OUT THERE!  A three-day weekend that coincides with Valentine’s Day seems like a good a time as any to dust off your one-liners and try to meet someone. Remember, though, that quality should ALWAYS override quantity and that if you shoot for the moon, at least you’ll end up in the stars…or whatever it is that people say.

GOOD LUCK!  I’ll be at the movies….


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