Apps for the College Super-Student


With the launch of the UMontana app, it got us thinking about other apps college kids can use to make life easier online.

If there are three things that college kids need more of, it’s sleep, money and data. Use these sweet apps to maximize every megabyte or dollar. Plus, we included some  apps that can save you from missing an assignment, eating a bad meal or watching a crappy movie.


Of course, the new UMontana is on the top of our list for must-have apps for college kids. The UMontana app is constantly bringing new campus features to your fingertips, including maps of campus, food options, study areas, events, computer availability, grades and more. Even Moodle will be available by the end of October!

My Data Manager

Share a data plan with your family members? Use this app to track your data usage so you aren’t the one to blame when the monthly “ of your data plan has been used” text appears. The app has a lot of cool features that show you how and where you use your phone. For example, it tracks your WiFi, roaming and data usage, if you are interested in how much data you’d use without all the hot spots in your life.



This app is perfect for group projects. It’s a super simple platform that enables instant messaging for group and private conversations. Instead of cluttering each other’s email accounts with updated work, simply upload your files and post them into the conversation! Check out this video[BR1]  for more info.



The Domino’s app is seriously the best app for when you and your friends can’t decide which pizza to get. Customizing your pizzas to exact specifications without confusing the employee over the phone is a thing of the past with this app. Plus, the promotions are super easy to access (like the two or more medium pizzas for $5.99 each). Also, the pizza tracker is essential for when you are gauging your hunger.


Sleep Cycle

This app uses a microphone to track your movements during the night, which is kinda creepy, but it turns the data into really intuitive charts and easy-to-understand information about your sleep.

$9.99 yearly

Intuit Mint

Track every transaction and budget your monthly spending with this app, which is from the same company that brought us TurboTax. Just link your bank account, and every debit or credit transaction will appear.


IMDb- Internet Movie Database

A one-stop for movie, television and film news, this app also has very reliable user and Metascore ratings for shows and movies so you know you aren’t wasting your Saturday night watching a bad movie.


Microsoft Word

Always be on top of that five-page paper that needs to be done by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Just use the Word 365 feature, which is Microsoft’s cloud-based sharing option that rivals Google Docs.


ESPN, Watch TNT, FOX Sports Go

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect sports app because of viewing rights, but if you (or your parents) have a cable or satellite television subscription, you can stream almost every nationally televised game on the go from whoever is broadcasting the game.

FREE, but subscriptions vary.

Speaking from experience, each one of these apps could save you in a time of need.