5 Ways to Make Mondays Rock

Monday. For some there may be a negative connotation attached to the first day of the week, while for others it may be seen as a chance to start fresh.  According to the Daily Mail, Monday is actually the most common day to begin a healthy lifestyle. Here are five ways to make the most of your Monday along with a few facts you probably didn’t know:


1.Prepare Yourself

Waking up can seem like a painful experience, so turn it into a rejuvenating routine. A great way to feel prepared for the week is to get as much ready the night before. Shower ahead on Sunday night and start your homework Sunday afternoon. Doing meal prep Sunday evening will save you the effort of making lunch Monday morning, or from having to buy a lunch out. Write down everything you have to do for the day and organize.

Insider Tip: Apps like Things and RescueTime help you prioritize and also send out reminders to help your mind feel less cluttered.

2. Midday Exhaustion Refuel

Midway through Monday you may hit a wall of exhaustion and need a little pick-me-up. Fuel can make the difference for finishing your day strong.

The Missoula Independent offers specials including deals such as 50 percent off at Trapper Coffee and 40 percent off at Taco Sano! In between classes take some time to enjoy lunch somewhere new or catch up with an old friend.

3. Try Something New

Since Monday is a great day to begin a new lifestyle, try a new fitness class at the Recreation Center or maybe a hike you’ve wanted to try.

Insider Tip: The hike to the top of Mount Sentinel is close to campus and has a beautiful view. Plus, exercise is a known way to get your endorphins pumping!


4.Class is Over … Treat Yo’ Self!

Sushi Hana has dollar sushi nights on Mondays and Lucky Strike Bowling Alley has dollar bowling. If you need to shake off your day to some music, the Badlander hosts Blues Monday at 9 p.m. weekly.

5.Look on the Bright Side.

Did you know that Monday is the best day to buy a car and the least rainy day of the week? On Monday there will be an estimate of 360,000 babies born, an average of 40 smiles will light up each person’s face, and 15 to 20 twenty laughs will be had.